Hard Rocking Space Punks

from Portland, OR


Debut album "First Contact" is streaming everywhere

Photo by Michael Morley


Sunset the Machine

Members of Portland, Oregon’s ‘Sunset the Machine’ started hammering out riffs together in 2018. Blending influences from hard rock/metal to punk and elements of trippy space rock, Sunset the Machine released their debut album, ‘First Contact’ in May of 2024, which was recorded at Sisterly Silence Studios in Portland.

For the last year, they have taken their high energy set of songs to stages around the Northwest and have since developed a continuously growing local fan base with their signature brand of hard rock. 

The band is currently recording their next album to be released in 2025. With their crunchy guitar riffs and thunderous rhythm section, this power trio proved their undeniable talent for crafting head-banging anthems and will surely keep their momentum going for years to come.

Video by Grady Hinceman, Gloom Productions